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June, 2008

Dear Fellow Democrats,

My name is Bertha Means, and I would like to be a delegate to the Democratic National Convention. I very much want and need your support in order to be a part of this historic convention. If you help send me to Denver, I will be one of the few great-grandmothers for Obama.

My life and career are interwoven into the history of our great party and country. Don't you think it is important to send someone to the DNC who has experienced the great depression, paid poll tax, participated in the civil rights movement, taught school, run a successful business and raised a wonderful family?

I am requesting and would appreciate your support because I have the audacity to hope that there is room for a person like me under the Democratic "big tent". Can I count on you? This could conceivably be the crowning glory of my lifelong devotion to the Democratic Party and the democratic process.

Again, I would be greatly honored to attend the Democratic National Convention with your support and for that support, I sincerely thank you. I would also like to thank all my neighbors in Precinct 253, District 14, who elected me as a State Delegate (many of whom have encouraged me to campaign for this signal honor).


Bertha Means